How to prepare your salesforce for the moments of truth

July 19, 2012 - 3 minutes read
Selling is tough, doesn't matter if the times are good or bad. People are always reluctant to buy new things. The probability of making a successful sale is very low. No doubt this puts a lot of pressure on the salesman to try harder for every potential customer. Even the best salesman can make use of some additional training, to gain that extra edge.
There are a few key steps to every sales pitch: know what you are selling & where you are coming from, know your customer & his needs, make the right pitch, and if everything goes well then, build a lasting relationship. No matter how well a salesman remembers these steps, there is a lot of uncertainty and ambiguity in the process. It really doesn't have to be this way.
At Wise Cells we have developed solutions which follow the key sales steps, and reduce the uncertainty and ambiguity to a large extent. We have done this using simulations.
Sales Simulations
Simulations are a way in which salesman can practice before he actually faces the potential customer. Simulations are interactive and intelligent.
When pitching a potential customer what matters is the way in which the salesman communicates his thoughts and ideas. There is absolutely no way that this can be improved just by reading books & manuals, or by attending presentations and seminars. Improving communication needs practice. And simulations provide just that, in a an intelligent way. Simulations are interactive, the player has to interact with the system to provide his input, based on his understanding of the product he is selling, and the customer he is pitching to. We use sophisticated algorithms to track how potential customers can respond under a variety of situations. This gives the salesman experience of talking to a real person, and answering his queries.
Our simulations are intelligent. They track how the salesman is performing and respond in an appropriate way, just like a customer would. This provides salesman the right feedback, and he can adjust his communication accordingly.
In the end the salesman has to win a deal. And that is what we track in our simulations, how many deals did the salesman win. The more the merrier, and done in the right way.
All this and more…
The whole process can be customized for your organization, from the first step to the last, in a cost effective way. Interested in knowing more? Checkout the details here, or contact us